Dr. Ludwig Leyendecker, 1. Vorsitzender
As President of the German-American Lawyers Association (DAJV), my colleagues and I would like to welcome you to our new website. Please take advantage of its new streamlined format to find out about upcoming events and activities of our various members sections as well as the other resources the DAJV has to offer.

Our association serves as a platform for discussion, networking and information for legal specialists and interested parties on both sides of the Atlantic. With approx. 2400 American and German members, the DAJV offers a unique opportunity to contact a diverse community of lawyers and academics from both Germany and the United States.

Whether you are an attorney, law student, academic or otherwise interested party, the DAJV offers you a forum to interact with others who share your enthusiasm for transatlantic cooperation and partnership in the legal, political, and commercial world.  Our mission is to contribute to the mutual understanding of our nations' legal systems while promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences that foster enduring personal and professional relationships.  To those ends, we offer inter alia the following:
  • Frequent seminars, conferences and lectures on U.S. and German legal theory and practice
  • Information for American students who wish to pursue post-graduate studies and work in Germany
  • An annual conference on German and American law meeting in the United States and Germany, and 
  • Five specialty sections that permit our members to examine in greater depth  the legal issues and trends most important to their cross-border practices.


For decades, the United States' dynamic legal system has fascinated German observers, so much so that a small and often overlooked number of whom continue to influence its evolution.  Likewise, legal developments within Germany have long held the attention of a select group of U.S. jurists and academics keen on learning from one of the most efficient judiciaries in the world. 
If you share our desire to foster this spirit underlying our shared transatlantic community, we would be honored to welcome you to the DAJV. 


Dr. Ludwig Leyendecker, LL.M.

- President DAJV -