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The DAJV has been assisting German student lawyers and recent graduates of the first state exam in finding top legal internships since 1980.  Its primary purpose being to build goodwill between the U.S. and Germany, the program is designed to expose emerging Germany business leaders to the basic concepts of the American Law and commerce.  Since its inception the program has fostered understanding amongst German and American lawyers and provided a foundation for ongoing professional cooperations and enduring transatlantic friendships.

Role of the DAJV

DAJV-members may take part in the internship program free of charge. Non-members are charged a fee.

If an applicant is paired with a firm or company, a DAJV-Letter confirming the intern's participation can be provided with the aim being to enhance the credentials of the participant.  We cannot guarantee however that every applicant will be accepted. 

Although this goes without saying, the DAJV has only limited access to the applicant´s personal or educational data and cannot be held accountable for the success of the internship or the applicants suitability.

No signed agreement is made between the applicants and the DAJV, nor are any agreements executed between the DAJV and our U.S. partners participating in the Internship Program. As a non-profit organization, good-will and earnest endeavor motivate our cause to enhance American-German cooperation on the field of law.


If you, your law firm or legal departments is interested in training a German recent graduate of the first state exam or  law student as a legal interns, please contact us. 

The DAJV would be delighted if you would participate in the Internship Program by receiving applications. Just fill in our questionaire and we will be in touch. 





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