Annual Conference on German and American Law 2010

09/10/2010 - 09/12/2010

Amerika Haus e.v. // Munich

The world has recently seen some major changes in the policies of the United States on such issues as disarmament, climate change or health insurance. These changes are shedding a new light on America and have even led to a somewhat early award of the Nobel Prize to the President of the United States. The political change has also created a renewed interest in the US legal system: the adoption of the Troubled Assets Relief Program (now generally referred to as the “TARP”) to deal with the bank financial crisis, the closure of Guantanamo and the legal regime associated therewith, the appointment of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, the Court’s ruling on McCain-Feingold that the government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections have all been perceived and commented upon scrupulously  by German scholars, politicians and lawyers.  In this context, the German American Lawyers Association invites you to its 8th Conference on German and American Law. We will offer a forum for information, discussion and exchange, this time in Munich, Bavaria’s capital. We look forward to the city where  7 out of Germany’s 30 DAX companies – and Bayern Muenchen – are based, but also wish to enjoy the local  beer gardens and the famous white and blue Bavarian sky.  Please have a look at the program that follows and join us for a weekend in September in Munich! 

Dr. Ludwig Leyendecker President of the German American Lawyers Association

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