Why Study in Germany

The American university system aims to prepare students for the rest of their lives in the work force. One of the most important aspects of this education is the global perspective that higher learning provides. Whatever subject students pursue they have to look to international standards within their subject area, and that should not end with graduation. For law students, opportunities to study and work abroad to expand our collective world view and enrich American understanding of another culture abound. Internships in Germany make up such an integral part of the education system (with nearly 80% of German university students completing one) that companies have built up mentorship programs that American students can benefit from as well. These can build careers and further personal development as students learn another legal system and culture.

For American students, studying or clerking in Germany provides all of these benefits as well as a sense of community, a healthy lifestyle, and many opportunities for travel and exploration.

Why Germany?

The facts, figures, and basic background information.

Specific preparations for American students include:

- Finding scholarships to live in Germany

From the DAAD (some specific to law students)

Through the U.S. and German governments

With Scholarships for Development

- Getting a visa

- Understanding the regulations for a work permit

- Learning German

- Getting health insurance

- Opening a student account or an international student account at a German bank or using the international ATM alliance between the Bank of America and Deutsche Bank

- Understanding transportation options

- Choosing a phone plan such as a monthly prepaid SIM card which costs anywhere from €1.99 to €14.99 per month depending on data needs (just be sure to have your provider unlock your phone before you leave and check which network will work best in your region once you arrive)

Understanding, finding, and choosing housing

Registering and getting a residence permit

- Answering questions about the transition process










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