DAJV Info-Seminar & LL.M.-Fair 2016 in Cologne

Ambitious and dedicated European LL.M. candidates meet the law schools!

This year 70 students, law clerks, postgraduates, doctoral candidates and young professionals with a strong interest in studying law in the United States attended our seminar & the LL.M.-Fair. The events were advertised through our direct contact with universities and student associations. Participants were familiarized with the application ­process ­and­ the­ value­ of­ an­ LL.M.­ degree, ­ so­ that­ they­ were well­ prepared­ for­ their­ first­ encounter with the law schools. For the first time we cooperated with Lawbility, who organized a similar fair in Zurich the days before. These European LL.M.-Fairs gave law school representatives the opportunity to meet prospective students at their own law school booth in an informal atmosphere in two European cities within one week.

Info Seminar & LL.M. Fair program 2016

Law Schools attending in 2016