Student Division

The DAJV values the voluntary involvement of our student members greatly. From its very inception in 2006, the DAJV`s Student Division has thrived with increasing activity and interest. Its purpose is to teach students the importance of an international legal education and broad scale business networking . Workshops on subjects often neglected in university curricula provide the Division's members with the broader legal knowledge that the DAJV believes necessary to succeed in increasingly globalized legal environments. Furthermore, it is simply fun. Students meet to discuss basic legal transatlantic issues without the pressure of grades and exchange ideas with fellow students as they get to know one another and each other`s culture and nations better. The DAJV Student Division provides the perfect point of contact for law students wanting to know more about German or American law and the American legal education.


The Student Division is involved in a broad range of activities. Generally, the Student Division organizes about four to five one-day workshops a year in varying areas relating German and American law. The lectures are in English and/or German. Participants receive a certificate for their resumes.


The Student Division handles its own affairs. It is currently represented by

Marie Pflüger

A steady core of active Student Division members has developed in the various Chapters found in the major German university cities of Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Münster and Munich. The group is open to any interested person, who is a member of the DAJV. Participation is voluntary, honorary and thoroughly rewarding.